Electronic Health Record System

  • voice-recognition/speech driven
  • eliminate the need for costly transcription services
  • dictate directly on your computer - no more wait for result
  • fax or email directly from your computer - saves postage
  • eliminate the need for physical storage of patient encounter notes
  • tailor to your specialty, up to 99% accuracy - better than traditional transcription services.
  • familiar interface - based on Microsoft Word on Microsoft Windows XP platform.


Document Scanning System   

  • convert paper documents to electronic format
  • eliminate costs of storing physical documents
  • online storage allows efficient access and sharing of documents
  • secure and regulations compliant
  • complete solutions: installation, integration, training and optionally
  • we can do the scanning work for you

Patient Sign-In System

  • eliminate the paper method
  • protect patients' privacy
  • save staff time by eliminating the need to frequently check paper list.
  • work over existing network on Windows-based PC - no server required


  • We are DOCs, Inc.ís SOAPware Certified Partner
  • SOAPware is an Electronic Medical Record designed for small to medium-size clinics.
  • Used by thousands of clinics in all 50 states. In used since 1995.
  • Robust tools to link to billing systems, hospitals, and labs.
  • Optional voice-recognition module