Company news

  MedSpeech version 2.1 is now availaible. Verson 2.1 incorporates the latest functionalities of Microsoft Office 2003 and Dragon NaturallySpeaking v.8

  Previous MedSpeech users can now upgrade to Dragon NaturallySpeaking v8 for faster recognition and improved accuracy.

  Our service department now provides document scanning services for those customers who don't want or need to have their own staff do the work.

 Teknologi, LLC is now Docs, Inc. (SOAPware) certified partner


Teknologi, LLC

is a Healthcare Information Technology company.  The company provides products and services that enable small and medium sized medical offices to provide better patient care while improving the bottom line. 

The company's flagship product, MedSpeech, a voice-recognition-based transcription and Electronic Health Record system, enables physicians to create patient encounter records in real-time while eliminating the needs for traditional transcription services.  Other Teknologi's products help streamline the medical office processes and workflow.

Teknologi's services department provides the full spectrum of IT services from system design, to implementation, to end-user support.  Teknologi has the expertise and experienced helping medical offices select, implement, and integrate practice management and electronic health record systems.